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It was at a young age that I discovered my love for design, style, textiles, art and fashion.


With strong roots in Tasmania, I now call Melbourne home. This city – the Australian mecca of design and culture – is constantly stimulating and I am never at a loss to uncover something new or find a hit of inspiration.


After completing a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Interior design and Decoration at RMIT, I immersed myself in Melbourne’s thriving design industry, working across soft and hard furnishings. Both my studies and experience working in the industry have fed my passion for creativity, day in and day out.


In recent years, I have assisted on photo shoots, styling sessions and events. I have also worked on several projects in a brand assistant capacity and am confident in marketing, social media, product development and visual merchandising.


I live every day with an open mind and positive energy and these elements directly inform my work. I am eager to explore what the world has to offer so please reach out if you would like to discuss an opportunity, concept or idea.

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