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House and Gardens Home Photoshoot Styling


Recently I assisted the amazing Beckie Littler in a resednetial styling shoot. We spent the day making beds, tweeking cushions, re-potting plants, and moving trampolines to get that perfect shot. 

This was a great editorial resedential photo shoot.


'The Eatery'


As my final project for my Diploma, I was to create a new high end dining facility in an old warehouse in Carlton, Victoria. The role of the Interior Designer was to cover all aspects of the interior layout , joinery unit design (bar) in addition the specification of all hard materials/finishes, lighting, loose furniture, artwork and decorative objects was required. Similarly it was a requirement to consider and create suggestions on accessory items such as: cutlery,crockery, salt /pepper condiments holders, napkin/menus etc. The client also requested that there be a strong emphasis on soft furnishings / loose furniture and the use of fabrics in curtains or window coverings within the scope of the design. The end product was that of a design which really used the attributes of the old warehouse. Keeping the original timber beams, and creating a 'cube' at the very kernel of the shell to house all the services (kitchen and bathrooms). There is a lounge, dining, courtyard and bar option for seating, and the basis of the design stemmed from the italian countryside, the olive groves, and wine. Buon appetito!


'The Apartment'


The Apartment was a project based on the needs of a couple who purchased a new-build apartment in a CBD loctaion and had the exciting task of a move back to their home town ahead of them. The space needed to house their keepsake memories, trinkets and their book and record collection. There was also the need for the apartment to have enough room for visits from their (grown up) family. In addition it was important to have enough space for relaxation and rewinding. The general theme for this apartment came through the French and Vietnamese background of the clients, and this was the basis of the beautiful mix of old and new. The start of this project saw development of the design of the Master Bedroom, which then lead into the design of the living room, dining room and library, the complete package. I was awarded runner up in the RMIT Bedroom Design Award 2016 (Supported by BQ Design and Marco Fabrics).


Design Build


Design Build is a design trade fair, which was held in Melbourne in 2016. One of our commercial projects was to design a private, yet open seminar theatre for the event.

My design uses eco-friendly cardboard boxes, placed together in a simplistic form, to create one larger box configuration, otherwise known as the seminar theatre. With the usage of the raw, uncomplicated and the effortlessly ‘design minded’ material of cardboard, a simple shell was created in a way that a finished product which was much more than the sum of the cardboard box parts. As a sustainable, recyclable and user friendly material, cardboard is not only aesthetically pleasing, with its smooth yet textured surface, but is also versatile and strong. A simplistic design that ticks all the boxes.


Canvas + Sasson Catalogue

(Styling + Design)

Together with the Canvas & Sasson team, over three days we shot and styled the 2015/2016 catalogue. The locations were a beautiful farm at Merricks North, Victoria, and an amazing restaurant, The Red Hill Epicurean in Red Hill, Victoria. The outcome was a delightful, and comprehensive look inside the bespoke brand that is Canvas and Sasson. Throughout the days, I was involved in logistics of the products, ensuring that the images created were telling the correct story for each product, styling all the shots, and ensuring we had the penultimate shot.

Canvas Home

Photo Shoot

(Styling + Design)

Alongside Greenhouse Interiors' Julia Green and photographer Armelle Habib, we spent a day creating 6 gorgeous lifestyle shots. These were to be used for catalogue, website and branding imagery. The day was spent in a home in Melbourne, and utlised all the spaces possible, so as the images could have been taken in various places. The outcome was a fun set of images, focusing on the soft furnishing brand Canvas Home.

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